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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Steam Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

STEAM Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

Build a pasta rainbow with the STEAM Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set! 

DIY Santa Rocket Ship - STEAM Activity

“Alert!  You have an incoming message!  Santa’s sleigh broke and we need your help building him a rocket to get the presents delivered on time for Christmas morning!”
Diy Santa Rocket Ship Steam Activity
Kid Made Modern STEAM Stargazing Kaleidoscope Craft

STEAM Stargazing Kaleidoscope DIY

Make your own kaleidoscope inspired by the night sky using the STEAM DIY Kaleidoscope Kit! 

DIY STEAM Pinball Machine

Learn about engineering by creating a STEAM Pinball Machine!
DIY STEAM Pinball Machine
DIY Water Cycle Model

DIY Water Cycle Model

Celebrate Earth Day with this colorful and creative Water Cycle Model project! 

STEAM Painted Paper Collage

Create a unique and colorful STEAM-inspired abstract paper collage using painted paper.
STEAM Painted Paper Collage
Diy Paper Mache Planet Ornaments

DIY Paper Mache Planet Ornaments

Is your holiday tree needing a little more STEM?  Well, we’ve got a craft for you!  Let’s paint a planet! In this article, we’ll walk through the steps on how... Read More

Magic Watercolor Letters and Numbers Activity

Watercolor paints and crayons are a simple way to make all sorts of learning even more fun! With this magic watercolor painting method, you can practice a wide variety of... Read More
Magic Watercolor Letters And Numbers Activity
Ocean Animal Collage Art

Ocean Animal Collage Art

Create beautiful ocean animal collage with recycled cardboard and craft supplies! 

STEAM Hand Model

Learn how the hand works with this STEAM/STEM articulated hand model DIY! 
Steam Hand Model