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Blow Painting Art DIY

Learn how to paint gorgeous abstract art with our Blow Painting Art DIY

Blow painting is such a fun art project for kids of all ages! There is something about using an unconventional way of moving paint around a page that gets kids every time—it hooks even the most reluctant creators. And it happens to result in a pretty cool piece of abstract art too.

Blow Painting Art Materials


- Washable Paint Set

- Large piece of sturdy paper (our Artist Pad works great!)

- Eyedropper or paint brush

- A few recyclables to hold paint

- Straw  


1. Dilute paint -- pick a few colors of paint that go well together and add a bit of each color to a recycled container. Add a bit of water and mix well—the goal is to dilute it enough that it will move easily around the paper without dulling the colors too much.

Blow Painting Art Step 2a
Blow Painting Art Step 2b

2. Drop paint + blow -- use the eye dropper or paint brush to drop paint around the page and then blow paint around page using the straw. Experiment with combining colors and different air pressures to create a variety of movement.

Blow Painting Art Step 3

3. Let dry fully -- once you've added as many layers as you'd like, let the painting dry fully flat to preserve your shapes.

Blow Painting Art Done 1
Blow Painting Art Done 2

If you're looking to take this project to the next level, use additional art supplies to turn the abstract shapes into more concrete objects. Try adding some googley eyes to create fun monsters (our Supply Library has a bunch of fun colors of eyes to use). Sketch a background using our Washable Markers to create a scene—trees and under the sea are personal favorites. Go wherever your imagination takes you!

* * *

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