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Creative Art Prompt Journal for Kids

Jump start your creativity with our Creative Art Prompt Journal! 

The concept of creativity can seem daunting, but getting into a habit of creating is a great way to stimulate your brain, de-stress, and simply have some fun! We all could use a little help getting started sometimes and that's where a creative prompt journal comes in handy. Take a peek at our collection of open-ended art prompts below and brainstorm some more of your own. Space out the ideas in one of our journals or simply post our free printable below and get creating.


Art Supplies (we used the Crayon Library and Colored Pencils

- KMM Journal

- List of creative prompts (download it HERE


1. Get your journal set up -- KMM's journals are made to be made your own! The Journal Craft Kit is a perfect starter journal with blank pages great for art.

2. Write a list of creative art prompts -- we've made a printable list of 25 ideas to get you started (CLICK HERE to download).

3. Create -- Kid Made Modern has SO many art supplies to help you create!


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