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DIY Beaded Mini Wreath Decor

Take the beach inside with you all year long with our DIY Beaded Mini Wreath!

Ever wish you could just kick it at the beach all year long? Maybe you are fortunate enough to live oceanside, but if not, this DIY wreath can help! So grab a piece of cardboard from the recycling bin and get going.

Beaded Mini Wreath Materials


- Cardboard

- Sturdy pair of scissors

- Plate or other circle shape to trace

- Pencil

- Hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)

- Paint (optional)


DIY Beaded Mini Wreath Step 1

1. Trace + cut wreath shape -- lay plate or circle shape on piece of cardboard and trace using a pencil. Trace a smaller circle inside. Cut out both circle shapes using your scissors to create the wreath.

2. Paint wreath shape -- some of the cardboard may show through your beads, so, if you'd like, you can paint the wreath first. We used the Pool color from our Washable Paint set -- one easy coat dries quickly and gives you enough coverage. 

DIY Beaded Mini Wreath Step 3
DIY Beaded Mini Wreath Step 3b

3. Glue beads to wreath -- once the paint has dried, start by gluing beads around the inside circle of your wreath. Make sure to have the beads slightly overlap the edge to cover it. Then glue beads to cover remainder of wreath, working in a circular pattern from the inside out. Vary the placement and color to get nice coverage. Once you reach the outside edge, glue beads slightly overlapping it to cover it as well. If you'd like to add more dimension, you can glue additional beads in a second layer scattered throughout.

DIY Beaded Mini Wreath Step 4

4. Add hanger to back if desired -- if you're going to hang your wreath, secure a strand of hemp cord to the back using hot glue gun or tape.

DIY Beaded Mini Wreath done