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Pollock Inspired Action Painting

Splatter Paint your way through this fun DIY

Jackson Pollock was a famous abstract expressionist artist well known for making drip or action paintings. While Pollock worked on larger pieces, his process of painting without planning ahead (known as automatism) can be done a smaller scale too. If you are doing this with younger kids, painting outside can be a really good idea!


- KMM Studio in a Box kit

- old kitchen utensils or other household items such as squeeze bottles or eye droppers (optional)



1. Dilute Paint -- to get the best action out of the kit's paints, add a little water to each color you plan to use. Add each paint color to a cup and fill up any household items that you are using with the paint. You can also dilute and squeeze paint directly out of the containers from the kit too.

  1. Go to town! -- that's really it. Stand over the canvas and use different brushes from the kit and other utensils to drip and splatter paint onto the canvas. We used a piece of the kit's watercolor paper here, but try the canvas too. 


  1. Let dry and add more layers -- let the first round of splatters dry and then keep going until you are happy with the result!