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Diy Rainbow Garland

DIY Rainbow Garland

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this colorful DIY Rainbow Garland!

Upcycle Old T-Shirts into DIY Yarn

Transform an old t-shirt into yarn with this easy DIY that only needs scissors!

Upcycle Old T Shirts Into DIY Yarn
Diy Cardboard Rocket Ships

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ships

Make these easy Rocket Ships from cardboard and your Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Supply Library!

DIY Flower Vase

Join us to create a flower vase out of a recycled can! It’s the perfect DIY gift for a neighbor, teacher, or friend. Now all you need is to pick flowers.

Diy Flower Vase
Dandelion Flower Art

Dandelion Flower Art

Bring some joy to your neighbors with this DIY using dandelions. 

Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone Art with Tiny Fawn Prints

Craft a Yummy Ice Cream Cone out of Shapes and Tissue Paper!
Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone Art With Tiny Fawn Prints
Learn How The Digestive System Works

Learn How the Digestive System Works

Explore how the digestive system works with this STEM DIY.

DIY Scrap Paper Weaving

Turn ordinary paper into a masterpiece with DIY Scrap Paper Weaving

Diy Scrap Paper Weaving
Diy Maracas

DIY Maracas

These DIY Maracas Are an Easy Craft That’s Fun to Play With!  

DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows

Spread some colorful love with our DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows! 
Diy Air Dry Clay Rainbows