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Diy Friendship Pins

DIY Friendship Pins

We gave this popular accessory a sweet update with our Candy Charms Jewelry Kit!

Pop Art Printmaking DIY

Learn how to make fun pop art with our Printmaking Kit! Our Pop Art Printmaking project will show you how to make bold prints right out of the box.
Pop Art Printmaking DIY
Diy Daisy Chain Bracelet

DIY Daisy Chain Bracelet

Everyone loves to get flowers and this DIY Daisy Chain Bracelet is the perfect set of lasting petals. Learn how to bead up a bracelet with Kid Made Modern’s new craft line available exclusively at Target!

DIY Tasseled Bookmarks

Learn how to craft an easy + fun DIY Tasseled Bookmark using our Bright Bundle Kit! 
DIY Tassled Bookmarks Craft for Kids
DIY Metallic Mobile Craft for Kids

Metallic Mobile DIY

We teamed up with Meri Cherry of to create a simple mobile DIY created from our Metal Mashup Kit.

All About Painting

Paint the day away! Read on for instructions on some techniques that will enhance your art making experience!
All About Painting
Suncatcher Gems Kit

Suncatcher Gems Kit

Follow these four easy steps to make your own festive Suncatcher Gems.

All About Colored Pencils

Colored pencils have lead made from pressed pigments. They can be used to draw fine lines, shade large areas, and create all different kinds of marks from crosshatching to stippling.

Colored Pencils
All About Fabric Printing

All About Fabric Printing

Roll it, stamp it, squirt it, smash it. We're all about decorating clothing, napkins, pillowcases, and more with fabric paint and common household items... 1) Root vegetables like potatoes and carrots... Read More

All About Collage Supplies

Just about any material can be used in collage! There are lots of free materials like paper scraps, old boxes, magazines, and fabric scraps that work perfectly for collage. Stickers... Read More
Collage Supplies