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Make A Coral Reef Sculpture

Make Your Own Coral Reef Sculpture

Dive deep into crafting with this Coral Reef Sculpture tutorial. Learn how to design and sculpt your own with our Aquatic Craft Kit!

Valentine’s Day DIY: Love Bugs

Enjoy some family time this Valentine's Day with this FUN DIY project.  Kids love these love bugs!
Valentine S Day DIY Love Bugs
Thanksgiving Paper Fan Turkey Decor

Thanksgiving Paper Fan Turkey Decor

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with these DIY paper fan turkeys

DIY Recycled Toy Trucks

Save up your recyclable boxes and tins and turn them into these colorful toy trucks – plus, they double as storage for kids’ arts and craft supplies!

Diy Recycled Toy Trucks
Woven Pipe Cleaner Jar DIY Craft

Woven Pipe Cleaner Jars

Upcycle glass jars from your recycling bin with this colorful woven pipe cleaner DIY! 

Scrape Painting Art

Try our Washable Paint Set to make a piece of bright modern art with our Scrape Painting DIY.

Scrape Painting Art
Recycled Desk Organizer

Recycled Desk Organizer

Get your school supplies organized in style with this DIY printastic desk organizer.

DIY Pencil Holders

Organize your writing and art materials in style with this Pencil Holder DIY.
DIY Pencil Holder Craft for Kids
DIY Kaleidoscope Craft for Kids

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

Craft these groovy handmade Kaleidoscopes using our arts and crafts kits and supplies, as well as a recycled paper towel roll!

DIY Game Set

Get your game on by crafting up a creative set of games with our Arts and Crafts Supply Library!

DIY Game Set Craft for Kids