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DIY Gift Wrap

Be ready to celebrate any occasion with our fun + easy Gift Wrap DIY!

Between birthday parties, holidays, and celebrating every sort of odd occasion (National Macaron Day?! Yes please), it's easy to find yourself in need of a last-minute gift wrap fix. And with our easy DIY, kids can make customized paper in a snap.

DIY Gift Wrap Materials


- Roll of white butcher paper

Pipsticks stickers + washi tape

- Kid Made Modern watercolors + brush library

- Permanent marker


DIY Gift Wrap Step 1

1. Paint base design -- cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap your gifts. Use the watercolors and brushes to paint your wrap's base design. Butcher paper tends to be thin, so go easy with the water. Aim for concentrated colors that pop and cover the entire piece of paper.

DIY Gift Wrap Step 2

2. Wrap the gift -- because the paper is thin, you'll want to wrap your gift twice to prevent an easy peek of what's inside. First wrap the gift in plain white butcher paper and then cut a piece of the painted paper for the second wrap. Secure with the Pipsticks' washi tape.

DIY Gift Wrap Step 3

3. Add stickers + message -- use Pipsticks' wide variety of stickers to decorate the front of your gift and add any corresponding messages. We used "you are fabulous!" for a theme of French bulldogs in Paris and "Hey Party Animal" for this colorful llama. Customize it however you'd like!

DIY Gift Wrap Done

* * *

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