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Valentine's Day Crafts

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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library

Kid Made Modern » wondrous watercolor kit (set of 30)

Halloween Watercolor With Pink Puddle Studio

Halloween Watercolor with Pink Puddle Studio

 Waterpaint Halloween Art along with Pink Puddle Studio

Summer Watermelon Crafts Trio

Celebrate summer with this trio of simple and fun watermelon crafts! Kid Made Modern has everything you need to create a watermelon collage, a watercolor melon, and to make watermelon prints. 
Kid Made Modern
Crafts for 2 year olds

Crafts For 2 Year Olds

You’re never too young to make a masterpiece! Two is a terrific age to begin exploring the wonderful world of arts and crafts. Your little one will build important visual... Read More

DIY Winter Watercolor Art

Create a wintery scene of your own with the My First Watercolor Kit!
Diy Winter Watercolor Art

DIY Postcard to Send to Voters

Get kids involved and GET OUT THE VOTE with our DIY Postcard to Voters! 

Leaf art for kids.

Fall brings with it a feast for the senses: cooler weather that calls for sweatshirts, comfort food, and best of all, colorful leaves! Watching leaves turn brilliant yellow, orange, and... Read More
Leaf art for kids
Magic Watercolor Letters And Numbers Activity

Magic Watercolor Letters and Numbers Activity

Watercolor paints and crayons are a simple way to make all sorts of learning even more fun! With this magic watercolor painting method, you can practice a wide variety of... Read More

DIY Celebration Bunting

Celebrate all of life’s little things with our DIY Celebration Bunting! 
Diy Celebration Bunting
Art Lesson: Pointillism Art With Jeanetta Gonzales

Art Lesson: Pointillism Art with Jeanetta Gonzales

Learn All About Pointillism and How to Make Your Own Pointillism Art!

Ocean Animal Collage Art

Create beautiful ocean animal collage with recycled cardboard and craft supplies! 
Ocean Animal Collage Art