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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Diy Go Wild Binoculars

DIY Go Wild Binoculars

Kids can keep their eyes peeled with our DIY Go Wild Binoculars! Learn how to craft custom binoculars perfect for wildlife watching

Valentine’s Day DIY: Love Bugs

Enjoy some family time this Valentine's Day with this FUN DIY project.  Kids love these love bugs!
Valentine S Day DIY Love Bugs
Valentine S Day Beaded Hearts DIY

Valentine’s Day Beaded Hearts DIY

Get ready for Valentine's Day with this beaded hearts DIY.

DIY Charm Photo Frame

Create a charmed photo frame with our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit!
Diy Charm Photo Frame
Diy Beaded Lanyard

DIY Beaded Lanyard

Stand out from the crowd with our bright DIY Beaded Lanyard!

Eid al Adha Paper Pouches Calendar

Get ready for Eid al Adha with this crafty countdown calendar.
Eid al Adha Paper Pouches Calendar
Diy Mini Christmas Tree

DIY Mini Christmas Tree

These adorable Mini Christmas Trees are the perfect DIY decoration to craft this holiday season!

Festive Goat Gift Topper

Add a festive gift topper to your Eid al Adha gifts with this easy DIY.
Festive Goat Gift Topper
Mini DIY Pom Pom Maze

Mini DIY Pom Pom Maze

Design and build this fun on-the-go toy with our Go Wild Craft Kit!

No-Weave Wall Hanging

This DIY no-weave wall hanging craft is a colorful activity for kids of all ages!

No Weave Wall Hanging