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Beach Bash Beaded Wind Chime

Beach Bash Beaded Wind Chime

Celebrate the end of summer with this beaded wind chime project.

DIY Petal Party Flower Crown

Make your own flower crown with this fun and easy DIY!
Diy Petal Party Flower Crown
Beaded Boutonniere And Corsage

Beaded Boutonnière and Corsage

Bead a wearable flower creation that will last with our Petal Party Jewelry Kit!

DIY Spray Painted Backpack

Make your own awesome backpack to get ready for the new school year!
Diy Spray Painted Backpack
Pipe Cleaner Embroidery

Pipe Cleaner Embroidery

This adorable pipe cleaner embroidery patch DIY is a simple introduction to sewing for little ones.

DIY Beaded Wind Chime

Learn how to bead up a sparkling wind chime with our Jewelry Jam Craft Kit! 
Diy Beaded Wind Chime
DIY Drink Stirrer Craft for Kids

DIY Petal Party Drink Stirrers

Brighten up your party with this drink stirrer DIY.

DIY Beaded Sunglasses Lanyard

Make a unique beaded lanyard that will help kids keep an eye on their glasses.
DIY Beaded Sunglasses Lanyard Craft for Kids
DIY Picnic Basket Purse Craft for Kids

DIY Picnic Basket Purse

Customize your own DIY Picnic Basket Purse to use this summer!

Mother's Day Painted Rocks DIY

Make unique bejeweled rocks for Mom this Mother's Day.
Mothers Day Painted Rocks DIY Craft for Kids