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Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Craft

Craft the cutest pop-colored Christmas Trees with our My First Arts and Craft Library! 

DIY New Year's Confetti Poppers

Make your own New Year's Eve confetti poppers with this festive DIY.

Diy New Years Confetti Poppers
Diy Watercolor Gift Boxes

DIY Watercolor Gift Boxes

These adorable DIY hand-painted gift boxes are a unique way for kids to add a personal touch on holiday gift wrapping.

DIY New Year's Eve Headbands

Get ready for New Year's Eve celebrations with this DIY headband.
Diy New Years Eve Headbands
Beaded Elf Ornaments DIY

Beaded Elf Ornaments DIY

Create your own colorful elf ornaments with this fun and simple craft.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree

These adorable Mini Christmas Trees are the perfect DIY decoration to craft this holiday season!
Diy Mini Christmas Tree
Festive Goat Gift Topper

Festive Goat Gift Topper

Add a festive gift topper to your Eid al Adha gifts with this easy DIY.

Pom Pom Tree DIY

Create a magical pinecone forest using a few simple arts and crafts supplies.
Pom Pom Tree DIY
Diamond Camp Ornament DIY

Diamond Camp Ornament DIY

Weave a sparkly God’s Eye Ornament to send out positive vibes!

DIY Hanukkah Menorah Necklace

Customize your own Hanukkah menorah necklace to wear this holiday season.
Diy Hanukkah Menorah Necklace