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Mommy and Me Peg Dolls

Mommy and Me Peg Dolls

Create matching Peg Dolls this Mother's Day using the Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Mother’s Day Floral Wall Art DIY

Create beautiful floral wall art to celebrate someone who cares for you in the best way this Mother's Day
Mother’s Day Floral Wall Art DIY
Mothers Day Handprint Garden

Mother's Day DIY Handprint Garden

Celebrate Mother's Day by creating a handprint garden.

Mother's Day Trading Card DIY

Mix it up this Mother’s Day and rather than giving mom a card, give her Super Mom trading cards that you made yourself!
Mothers Day Trading Card DIY
Mother S Day DIY Embroidered Journal

Mother’s Day DIY: Embroidered Journal

Mother's Day is Coming Up and This Embroidered Notebook May Just Melt Her Heart!

Mother’s Day DIY: Egg Carton Upcycled Wreath

Make Mom Smile With This Festive DIY Mother's Day Wreath!
Mother S Day DIY Egg Carton Upcycled Wreath
Mothers Day Painted Rocks DIY Craft for Kids

Mother's Day Painted Rocks DIY

Make unique bejeweled rocks for Mom this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Flower Pot DIY

Create a one-of-a-kind flower pot for Mom this Mother’s Day.
Mothers Day Flower Pot DIY Craft for Kids